Escorts are women who offer personal services to men. Most often, these are women working as escort service providers by night and as freelance secretaries by day. Some are even well-known in local, national, and international circles as “escorts”. But not everyone can afford an expensive wardrobe and other “luxuries” needed by a real professional escort. For those people, there is another kind of online escort website offering the services of inexpensive yet highly efficient “escorts”.

An escort website is a business which offers escorts either for sex purposes only. Or for a combination of sex and love services. The service usually arranged by the client is either at the client’s home or at a hotel room (call outcall). Or at an escort’s home or apartment (incall). When a man decides to hire an escort. He pays either through an Internet transaction or through a credit card payment made through the website’s website. The client has to pay for the actual service or the amount of time spent by the escort.

In the United States, there are existing legal limitations when hiring prostitutes. It is against the law to hire a person who is a registered sex offender, convicted criminal, or a person who was formerly addicted to drugs. And, the law clearly states that the employers, not only have the duty to screen applicants, but they have the duty to make sure the applicants are not involved in criminal activities. Thus, it is clear that if you are not a licensed and registered citizen of the United States, and if you have any criminal records, you should not consider yourself eligible for any kind of employment with an escort service.